Corey’s Big Picture Show 2022

Gallery Now Open!

East & West is an exploration of candid everyday life in two wildly different places on earth. These meticulously selected works depict the life and beauty of Ireland and The Philippines. 43 hand picked images depicting life, death, celebration, family, culture and togetherness. These are the things that unite us as earthlings and as east and westerners and as humans.

Skills Give Life To Dreams is a mantra and a way of life. I believe that all barriers to success are simply skills to be learned. I have dreams to become a photographer and published author and I’ve been working hard to achieve those dreams throughout my life. I’ve found that at every avenue of difficulty was just another skill to learn. Skills Give Life To Dreams!

Would you care to fill out this short survey about the gallery?

A premium online version of East & West coming soon.

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