An Artist’s Milestone

It was a simple goal to find someone that wants the content that I share. Writing, Media production, editing, and now drawing. Drawing, for me comes from a  place of expression. The genuine feeling of evacuating my feelings at a faster pace than writing. With a cheap pen, I started to draw.

A regular pen was fine at first, and a notebook during class time was great for my canvas. Then my imagination evolved and demanded a wider canvas. So I got one. That was great for awhile, and then I wanted thinner and thicker lines. I bought expensive art pens and justified the purchase by using them constantly. .01 mm is my favorite and I kept my promise by using that pen so much that I’ve gone back to the supply store to pick up two more. The lines I made were able to be smaller and thus more intricate. And then I couldn’t see what I was doing. I do wear glasses but I needed something better. So I used a high power magnifying glass and the drawing was back on track. That is my system now, drawing in public nose to the table, Magnifying glass in one hand .01 mm in the other. When my drawing was done I felt it and sharing my drawings has been the most gratifying experience.

I shared my drawings. From the first mark to the last line. I mainly shared with my friends whom were artists. The encouragement from them helped a great deal with my confidence. Now here is the milestone.

For someone like me who simply picked up a pen and just did it. Selling my art is eons away. After all only the best artists sell their art. But the dream of selling my own drawings became a reality this week. My friend Killy gave me the opportunity to donate my art to a silent auction. I didn’t think twice about doing it because I wanted to see feedback from someone anonymously. It was heartening to see people look at my art and comment on it. I was absolutely blown away when I saw someone actually bet on my drawing in the silent auction… and then another person put down a larger amount. I ultimately sold the piece for the full price I listed on it, which was $35. The initial feeling I had was bittersweet. Even though it was just a scan I felt a mix of loss and bliss. It’s hard to explain.

I’m inspired by a lot of artists. My friend Ahleena is especially an inspiration for me to pick up a pen and draw, as well as motivation for this video. Her process of painting inspired me because of the images she sent of her paintings before they were finished. The paintings looked amazing every step of the way. I always thought they were ready to be hung on the wall and then a few hours later Ahleena would send another picture of the same painting and it would look even better. That is the reason why I created the video below.

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