Go Time

OK… It’s noon 10 minutes to 1pm on my day off. My day tomorrow is also off and that means I have around 30+ hours outside of working like a dog at the day job. The day job is the engine for this business. I have built up a lot and I need to make my time really effective. I don’t need to chase anything outright, but I do need to be productive. I need to run some errands and put some of my equipment back in storage because it unneccesarily “clutters” up my office. This office is not a gaming cave all the time and I need to break from that and re-point my attention towards being proiductive in my business.

Outwardly, I need to get my act together and sell myself and a coherent list of skills. My brand needs to be more effective. I need some meditation time and a step away from thinking about work to see what it is I actually need to work on. A regroup is a good word for it. This writing isn’t even coherent. What can I comfortably do today to be productive? I’m not that tired, and I could use a coffee soon. I have nothing else going on today.

I have that gaming page Vidya Games and a lot of highlight clips ready to go and be uploaded. Nah I’ve logged out of Facebook for today. That site is a time stealer. I need to re-analyze what makes me happy and feel productive at the same time. Photography is one of those things… I just don’t have the get up and go drive right now. It’s like my gears are sticking and I can’t put myself in motion to start moving again. It’s been in my head that I need some motivation, from another person. Someone I look up to and want to emulate. Someone just saying: “You can do it”. Distribution is important in video production. I don’t know much about what to do after I make a video and export it. Then what? My idea of a completely successful video is a large engagement in the video.

I have goals to learn a lot of things. What is urking me? Is the real question. I’m doing a lot of things everyday and I need to make sure I’m aware of myself and I deal with rogue emotions that are tethering me to this “bleh” feeling,

When I don’t want to work it doesn’t matter how far into the process of completing a process I am. I could open up premiere by moving my hand to the touchpad on this computer and export a highlight. It takes very little brainpower, but I just want to quit right away. My focus is not coherent or responsive right now. I’m typing in my office. There is stuff everywhere. My TV is on as a second computer monitor and one of my photos is the background. Wires everywhere to expensiive gadgets. How can I be more overwhelmed? What can I do today that is simple. No scrolling and reading more empty information. My own creations. Something that I make from the ground up. I’ve been wanting to tell my story… and type up my fiction story. I want to foster my writing. Not writing every Sunday crushed me.

One Reply to “Go Time”

  1. If you find Facebook is distracting you a lot of the time, you can install Freedom on your browser, to temporarily block Facebook and other distracting sites while you get work done. It’s helped me!


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