I wrote an 80’s action movie tribute called Dog Brother

Dog Brother

Eli – Main character a super dog trainer

Open – interior -Eli comes in right of frame he’s holding a leash he looks across the camera

Cut to pan down of a wall of dog training trophies
And a dog – a white poodle named Pookie – sitting in front of the wall.

Eli ” You about to get schooled sucka!”

Eli lunges at the dog like an 80s action hero epically dives in slow motion and hooks a leash to Pookies collar.

Eli: Yeah!

Cut to city est shot
Title: Dog Brother

Eli walks pookie out of his house to her owner.
Eli: here you go Mrs.Powerstroke

Hot dog owner: Thank you Eli you’re so talented at training dogs!”

Eli smoothly lights up a smoke and looks longingly at the horizon ” I know” Synth rock plays over a setting sun.

Cut to black and then the night of the big dog tournament. Pookie is top dog

Announcer: here comes Pookie and her owner Destiny Powerstroke

Eli is doing Pomeranian curls in front of the TV.
Pookie goes through the ability course and tricks level with perfect ease it all comes down to the last trial – run and sit.
Announcer: it all comes down to this last stage for Pookie to win it all!
Pookie starts running and then slows down and seems to get confused
Eli looks up and drops the Pomeranian
Pookie wines slightly and then begins to take a carp
Eli: Nooo
Announcer: Oooh looks like Pookie is disqualified

5 years later*

Eli has a long beard now and is working at outsmart
He is depressed

A buff black man walks into the store and towards Eli. He’s an old friend a legend named Callister Thunderblood

Thunder “Eli”

Eli looks up
Thunder: How ya doin brotha?”
Eli: ” I’m good, dog”

He tears up a little at the words good dog

Thunder: listen brotha there’s a position open at the Buffpup its yours if you want it.

Eli in contemplative
” I dont know Thunder I just dont got it anymore”

” it’ll be good for you brotha come by and take a look… For old time sake”

Eli finally agrees

Next scene: open to a large gym with burly bodybuilders and their dogs.

A man is doing a 3 point lift of a husky

Another guy is pulling cables that lift up spaniels in harnesses
Another guy is dual curling Pomeranians

Thunder and Eli are walking and staying center frame as they walk past everything.

Thunder stops and motions toward some fur ” sweep up that fur brotha, camera pivots toward the broom behind a feral looking dog.
Eli steps toward the black dog and he growls.
Thunder says stoically: That’s blackie, he’s a stray dog not even our best guys can train him”
Eli takes this as a challenge and picks up a leash sitting on a weight bench.
Blackie and Eli stare each other down. Blackie growls.

All the burly men look

Eli lunges in slow motion just like old times and he leashes Blackie successfully. The guys cheer. – Eli smiles at Thunder and a montage follows of Eli Training Blackie

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