Duluth Coffee Company has gone Super Saiyan Hipster

I’m a customer who enjoys coffee. Specifically dark roast. The Duluth Coffee Company is a great place to pick up a cup of joe and get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a local business. And of course as local coffee shops go, this one has a hip atmosphere and most of the workers are progressive and kind. I haven’t been to the coffee company in about a month or two so when I walked in and asked for a cup I was surprised. It finally happened. DCC went from a hip place to work on my screenplay to a borderline cult den.I, as a cusromer asked for a dark roast coffee and the Hipster person behind the counter said “we dont have that anymore.” When I asked why which what I expected was a supply issue. It was actually a hip coffee science bullshit reason.” actually dark roast doesn’t have (I zoned out after this part).I’m a customer at a coffee shop asking for a damn dark roast and they dont sell it for hipster reasons and the hip person with an attitude didn’t help.” you don’t have dark roast?””Nope””Why not?””The … Project is actually a light roast (hipster speak)…and it the most complex coffee”Shut up.I want a dark roast coffee you can’t force me to drink whatever science project you have cooking. Just pour a damn dark roast and I’ll go.

The issue is DCC doesn’t sell dark roast coffee for hipster reasons. So my taste has been alienated by them. For hipster reasons.

As a business, your job is the customers happiness and the paradigm has shifted at DCC. They have always flirted with the line of cultism and thats why it was hip. Now they jumped in the deep end with their something something special project and the customer doesn’t matter. They only sell to peope who subscribe to their ideology. Dark roast drinkers are the enemy now, in their eyes. DCC is no longer a business in the community they are a malignant tumor of exclusivity and they have decided to start pushing towards building a hostile army of insufferable people who don’t socialize with people who don’t drink “the most complex fancy fuck roast” of coffee nuance. Fuck off.

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