Good Boys Sets Out To Achieve A 6th Grader’s Dream And Also Gets A Cinematic A+

A great movie and worth seeing amd sharing with others

The summer comedy based on a triage of tweens who want to learn kiss before going to a party quickly unravels into a hilarious and heartfelt romp throughout.

This movie has such a great charm to it because it looks through eyes of young boys in an R rated world. Growing up is a universal idea and most of us millennials can relate to growing up in the digital age. Three boys, Max, Lucas, and Thor who call themselves “The Bean Bag Boys” set out to find out how to kiss. Their adventure takes them to the central hub of all knowledge – the internet. The jokes that erupt with laughter in the theater through the lenses of these three young kids were almost non-stop. Every layer of this movie did amazingly well, the scenes were short and didn’t feel too jarring when they changed, shifting mostly to accommodate transportation from one place to another like in the beginning when Max, the leader type character, takes the group of kids to the house next door after trying to spy on a duo of high school girls with a drone, with which they caught. The film takes a delightful pace of fun right from the start and the main force moving the kids along, the mcguffin, is the need to replace Max’s drone after losing it.

I loved every moment in this film, it skillfully tied together how the Beanbag Boys solved their main problem and the underlying subplots of each character.

Max wants to go to the big party he was invited to and kiss the girl of his dreams, while Thor wants sing but he’s pressured by other kids, in this case hilariously the scooter kids intimidate him, and he quits singing and his story is about getting back into singing. The film perfectly illustrates the care that these characters have in their respective plots and the actors bring it. I felt each character embodied their role so well and I was genuinely invested in this story all the way through. Additionally I love how the story thoroughly tied up the bond between the characters as they each found their separate paths in growing up. I was genuinely moved when see how these young boys were finding their unique paths and they wouldn’t stay together all the time but they would still see each other for the big stuff.

One downside of this film if I must choose was the context of having authentically aged kids in this film. I struggled to hear their lines pronounced through their odd formed teeth and untrained tongues. There were a lot of times where their lines were bungled by odd pronunciations or tongue tied lines that rang out oddly. That didn’t remotely take away from how amazing this film was. Really worth watching.


Fantastic story structure. Each plot tied up nicely. Great jokes that hit often enough to overpower the ones that didn’t quite hit A great movie worth seeing and sharing with others.

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