It 2 As Told By The Derry Local Newspaper

On a cloudy Tuesday morning in Derry, Maine like normal Suzie Sapner takes her dog Poochie out for a walk. But Last Tuesday Suzie saw something that shook her. She witnessed a man named Bob yell at a young kid just after screeching into a storm drain. Suzie, of course, thought the crazed man was unwell and called the authorities.

That incident wasn’t the first in a string of disturbances in little Derry. According to the local sherrif; George Georgington, “There were multiple breaking and entering instances, vandalism at The Jade (A Chinese Restaurant in Derry), a possible murder, and for some reason these kids were rooting around in the old sewer system” Georgington said.

One man was seen running into the funhouse at the town fair that is put on every year in August, witnesses claimed to have heard screaming and pounding from inside the fun mirrorhouse just moments after. “I don’t understand how a grown man can walk into a mirrorhouse and have what sounds like a total mental breakdown – my guess is it’s those smartphones burning up them city slickers minds” Bob Bobberson, a derry local, who witnessed the incident said.

Many more reports like this poored in that were both criminal and just odd. The one underlying fact that the group who came into town had is they all had varying degrees of mental episodes where they yelled at something that wasn’t there or wasn’t seen by witnesses. Also each of the visitors had six figure jobs and the ability to leave town at anytime.

One resident by the name of Doris Doriston claimed she saw the whole thing and said, ” I watched them ever since I first saw them at The Jade, smashing a table for seemingly no reason and I think they were those goofy ass theater kids who insisted on acting in their weird plays even without a theater” Doris was referring to the crimped school budget in Derry. Derry High school closed their theater branch in 1986 which was just before the vandals who returned to town were kids.

What about the potential murder? Chief Georgington said ” The potential murder is still being investigated, but we think it may have been that weird guy who squats in the library attic” .

Overall I’d give those kids an A+ if their acting was put in a movie. – Doris Dorington.

I, the writer have to agree. IT: Chapter Two was pretty damn good

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