Is Cyndee Afraid Of The Doll Or No?

My beautiful girlfriend Cyndee is afraid of dolls. But I’m not sure which ones. A few visits to the thrift store solved that and we laughed all the way through it. So let’s play a game in the theme of quarantine and decide based on a shot of Cyndee’s reaction whether she is afraid of the dolls I find. Ready? Go!

Let’s begin

Here is the unsuspecting Cyndee in her natural habitat: her bed
She is not fond of this doll
Yep, not amused
I think this is Cyndee’s least favorite one
This one is cute
She likes this ceramic Japanese statue
Hmm ya don’t say?
Oddly, the horrific lion doll doesn’t do it for her.

The unending stare of this woman doll gives Cyndee the squeals
Who could be scared of this little guy?
“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” -Cyndee
This bearded ceramic man makes Cyndee smile.
This one looks fancy
This doll is terrifying from any distance
This one is ok.

And last but not least…

This one even creeped me out.

One Reply to “Is Cyndee Afraid Of The Doll Or No?”

  1. Humaygat! I love your blogs sir but I’m not reading this part!


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