Jay & Silent Bob Ham It Up And Get Meta In Their Newest Reboot (Spoilers)

The film opens with Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) going to open the Quick Stop convenience store in the small coastal town of Leonardo, New Jersey. He is then grabbed by a whole SWAT team, who are there to find two suspects in the sandwich shop next door, Cock Smokers. After firing a smoke bomb, Jay (Jason Mewes) emerges. He does the Buffalo Bill dance before bringing out his partner… his hetero life-mate, Silent Bob (Kevin Smith).


First off I want to start with my favorite line from this movie, ” The fake cock-blockers were the real bad guys! Fuck this movie is hard to keep straight!” – Jay

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is a delightful, multi-layered, stoner movie that masterfully slaps hollywood tropes in the face while keeping a fantastic pace of fun and absurdity that comes out of the stoner movie genre

This movie has everything from ADHD location changes, callbacks, rehashes and meta commentary that is a lot of fun.

Jay & Silent bob start off in their home away from home the quick stop which has been changed into a sandwich shop called ahem ” Cock-smokers”. That is one of several places that Jay & Silent Bob goto as they trek across the country from New Jersey to Hollywood. They hang out with Method Man and Redman from the cult classic ” How High” after eating edibles, save the group of girls they travel with from the Klux Klan, Jay punches a Pedophile, one of the girls they travel with is not what she says she is and it’s entire existence is a setup for a long joke. That is why this film is so much fun!

The hammy jokes and 4th wall breaking scenes fit right in with the tropes of Hollywood including one of the main plot points of defining a reboot instead of a remake and some unfiltered commentary from Jay’s comic book store friend about Hollywood’s cyclical machine of nostalgia and rebooting their franchises every 10 years. ” A remake is where directors take the name and fuck everything else up” ” A reboot is the same shit changed ever so slightly to get fans to pay for the same shit”

Kevin Smith’s accumulated skill in movie making really does show in this flick with a film that as zany as this one every layer of the plot and presentation is boiled in absurdity, however Smith’s directing craft has grown enough to keep all the wild points reigned in.

The most complex and daring part about this flick is the plot is about a fictional version of “Jay & Silent Bob” called Chronic Man which is being “rebooted” and releasing again as Bluntman V Chronic. The whole film slaps tropes like this in the face and the ending with *Spoiler Alert* Iron Bob is absolutely hilarious!

Image result for jay and silent bob reboot

Popcorn Movie | Comedy | 8/10

While this movie is wildly bizarre, and daring in it’s scope Kevin Smith’s craft is strong enough to keep all the plates in this movie spinning. I highly recommend this movie for a good laugh!

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