Duluth FIlms: The Great Potato Mystery

Budding Filmmaker Shon Jones has produced his most soundly constructed project and it meets the mark of cinematic quality.

Shon Jones is a very talented and creative filmmaker who approaches filmmaking with a likable visual style using practical as well as visual effects.

The Great Potato Mystery sets up a very real mystery concerning U.S agriculture specifically potatoes. The film opens with a radio show interview concerned farmers who have lost their potato crop in Modern day america. The setup is suprisingly believeable and I became invested in the character whose name wasn’t mentioned however I wanted to know why this problem has arose.

The following 6 minutes of Shon’s short film are spectacularly unique and creative. The farmer character visits a strange man in a welding helmet playing a familiar tune on a piano outside. He is broke because someone is eating his potato crop. His house is even foreclosed on.

The ending of this film and the culprit to the potato mystery reveal is one of my favorites in recent cinematic history and I strongly recommend watching The Great Potato Mystery.

Shon Jones is known for implementing 3D animation into his films and continues to make huge strides in CGI and this film is no different.

High quality use of special effects, practical effects, audio dubbing and a fun and well put together story as well.


You can watch The Great Potato Mystery on YouTube by following this link:



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