An Open Letter To Those Who Disagree With The Floyd Protests

Guys, It’s not specifically George Floyd people are angry about. It’s a break in trying to communicate peacefully and the frustration of thousands of unjustified black killings coming out at once. YOU yes you fuck boy in the woods with an overgrown beard. YOU were complacent and did not flatten the curve of racial murders by saying nothing every single time. You stole black people’s voice by not seeing their struggle as as american struggle. You’re a patriot? Your fellow american is hurt? You do nothing? Thousands of times? You dodged the draft of protecting civil rights by deflecting blame, nitpicking the worst events of the protests and using them to blanket the entire movement of a RACE? That is the least American thing you could possibly do. It’s so inconvenient to look at yourself and that is disgusting. This is black people taking their voice back you stole that.

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