Florida Man Migrates North To MN Sewers

The elusive Florida man has made headlines once again except this time it’s not in the home state of the craziest Shenanigans in recent times the mythical Florida man has migrated north to Minnesota, possibly as part of a migration pattern previously unrecorded. Authorities in Duluth Minnesota today announced that they had found a pair of clothes near a Duluth, Minnesota manhole their search is still ongoing for a presumably naked man frolicking through the sewers.

It is possible that this Florida man is one of the few who have not heard the news about the 85th annual Naked Sewer Flame Jousting tournament held every year. Duluth Minnesota sewers were the chosen location this year, however the event was cancelled which was announced in a post that floated through town.

The naked man’s whereabouts are currently unknown as of this writing.

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