Bill & Ted Face The Music Is The Film We All Need Right Now And It Is Most Refreshing. (Guitar lick)

Synopsis: The ruler of the future tells best friends Bill and Ted they must compose a new song to save life as we know it. But instead of writing it, they decide to travel through time to steal it from their older selves. Meanwhile, their young daughters devise their own musical scheme to help their fathers bring harmony to the universe.

Bill & Ted is a movie franchise synonymous with irreverence and emboldened weirdness. Past stories have proved this with wacky characters and motivations like playing Death to the death in board games while in hell. Face the Music is not only a stoic extension of the Bill & Ted characters but the entire Bill & Ted universe. It’s imaginative ideas are as impressive as they are fun in this exciting magnum opus of dude cinema.
The movie starts off with the two main heroes played by now 50 something’s Keanu Reeves and Bill Winter. The two are awkward at first by any account because of one reason. Their characters haven’t changed one bit. Even though their lives have been written in around them Bill and Ted still are the exact same all the way down to their stance and body language. Their dissonance from their lives that have progressed normally is a suspension of reality. Bill & Ted have houses, wives, mortgages and probably other things that come along with not being 20 anymore however Bill & Ted are infinite time beings. That is why this film works so amazing well. The suspension of reality for Bill & Ted makes sense because they literally travers space and time. The writing, scenery, and character development all works on a level that would be wrong to frame reference to any other movie outside of Bill & Ted. This film solidifies that by using every hammed-up plot element from past to present to create a true Bill & Ted universe!
So early on the film establishes that Bill & Ted haven’t changed a bit despite having daughters and other life moments, yet they still have their charm because the writing backs up who they are. B & Ts daughters are staunch music buffs who are more fans of their dads than family with signature dialogue to boot. “Sup dads!” is one line from early on in the film. I love this film because it is a satire of itself, it’s genre, and it takes the humor of it and plays around with it. Bill & Ted have to make a song that “unites the world” and they try and try for 25 years to do it to no avail. Then suddenly a woman shows up from “The Future” and takes the dudes into the distant future to talk to the council about saving the world by making a totally excellent song dude! The humor in this film fit’s Tim Schaffer’s Brutal Legend a game that came out yester year about a digital Jack Black character saves the world through rock and roll. The following story of how Bill & Ted do in fact save the world by making the one song that will save everyone won’t be spoiled here and I’ll move onto the message, themes, and motif.
The imagination and brilliant writing really brought this film together and sent a clear positive message that music is the universal language and can unite the world.

Excellent thematic fun, amazing imaginative story with a perfect mix of nostalgia and a wonderful message are all part of what provides an absolutely great escape from reality for the duration of this movie
10/10 | Popcorn Movie

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