Fringe Band Of Austin Filmmakers Bully Disabled Camera Operator

Today was a nice and calm Labor Day in Austin Texas many people were off of work for an extra day and enjoy the extended weekend out in public. Despite the pandemic causing all kinds of cancellations people still persevered and many spent time on beautiful Lake Travis. Hundreds of people spent their time on some Chartered party boats that filled on Lake Travis in an attempt to make the tradition of Labor Day go on no matter what. One specific man on that party boat did not have a great Labor day, however his name is Blake craft. Blake like, several others were invited to a houseboat party on Lake Travis. He of course accepted wanting to spend time with people in person. After Blake got off the party boat is when the problems arose for his field of work. Dana Garza saw Blake’s post about being on a party boat with hundreds of other people and unfortunately she decided to ruin his entire career or at least attempt to on a lovely Labor Day this person took several hours out of her day to scour the internet and find somebody to Target and then proceeded to bully them online. Dayna called out Blake in a vicious way claiming that he wasn’t wearing a mask and she specifically said she would spread his name around which, i should add, was counterintuitive to solving the issue of social responsibility around covid-19 practices she decided to publicly call out Blake and make him seem like the worst possible person to hire. The following few hours was a firestorm that spread quickly throughout facebook filmmaking groups and many mean-spirited lowbrow filmmakers piled on to assault Blake because he was used as an example of how not to be. However the actions of Dayna Garza actually did absolutely nothing to solve the issue of being better at covid-19 practices in fact all the people on the party boat were wearing the masks and social distancing when they could but that was not enough for Dayna Garza. Garza specifically wanted to attack people and used the covid-19 rules as a rationale for that and others followed bcaus.

These people had so little intention to address the issue of social responsibility around covid-19 because as soon as I pointed out that Blake has something called Asperger syndrome and he is disabled. These people immediately backtracked every word. They weren’t as terrifying towards Blake they weren’t as willing to boldly make an example out of him instead they backed off except for a camera operator from The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Juan Matias Ramos Soc took it a step further and made sure to let everybody know publicly that he absolutely hates disabled people and he will never hire a disabled person which is against the law and this man is in the Union. So all in all today showed me two things number one terrible people who think it’s okay to bully people and discriminate against disabled people like to use the pandemic rules as a way to express their skewed views. And number two I got to understand who in the Austin Community is willing to break the law in order to be part of the group when somebody is being made an example of. I hope Dayna Garza and Juan can review the employment discrimination Act and also realize that their actions have far more consequences for them then for Blake’s career.

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