Checking In With Myself

I have a day off today. A day to reflect and be by myself. Think about the days passed that are unrecorded and allow myself to think. Process what I am worried about, preoccupied with or otherwise annoyed at in the world. I may not be that bad of a person anymore, I think. Things are inching towards a flow of stability.

Annual goal checkup:

Sell a photo print: check

Gain more money through my business: Check

I think keeping my head down and working has gotten me here. And I don’t really have the range to look at my life in perspective. This new gig I have is special. I am contracted to a company that is paying me enough to live on exclusively through photography. That’s HUGE

So, I am successful? Well yes and no. Yes, I am on the right track and I am certainly not at the starting line anymore. There isn’t much time to speculate my next move. I’m in a storm but the good kind it’s energy and opportunity and I am qualified for a lot of opportunity. I ‘landed’ in the photography world and found a type of success that I am comfortable with. I work hard and there isn’t that burning urge to escape like other jobs I’ve worked. So, I ‘made it’ right? No. I’ve successfully landed on the right planet and found the right block now I have to keep going and find the right house. I am challenged with staying with the job I have and resting and staying with what I have. That is not what I am going to do. Speculatively, I need to ‘stay hungry’ I need to continue improving. I have the power or at least some and it is hard to control. I can take what I am generating with real estate photography and continue pushing. Change my habits and speak up more often.

I need to make some business cards ASAP

Now to conclude I am at another intersection except this highway goes thousands of ways and I have a quarter tank of time. Where do I drive? What am I traveling for? Why not pull over and go to sleep?

One Reply to “Checking In With Myself”

  1. Good to take time and journal. Keep enjoying the journey, trust your instincts working smart, looking people in the eye and checking out the sky everyday.


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