2020 And It’s changes

This year gifted me with a simultaneous feeling of adventurous and lossless zeal more powerful than I’ve ever felt while also, this year has provided a bittersweet feeling of calmness when I don’t feel calm. Stability when I don’t feel stable and a consistent theme of adventure, in which, I found the same fun through the same activity. I’m talking about my photography of course and how walking through life with a camera has been the best decision I’ve ever made. That being said, I’m in a deeply reflective mood and under a guise of a recent epiphany. I’ve taken over 26,000 photos this year 10k more than last year and going through them has shown me how different my life has been since I lost my own camera and the changes I’ve gone through. I truly love the moments when I can get back into photography in between the cracks of my regular job which is photography in a commercial sense. My sense of adventure is universal across everything I do and shooting real estate photography consistently every day all day feels so natural to me. I yearn to shoot without such a hardline of objective though and capture life in the present through the cracks in time where I can get away from working on photography as a job. That is what is important to me and I’ve realized that. Going out and taking photos just for the sake of taking photos is where I shine because when I make something out of purely nothing with my thoughts I feel expressive and able to create entirely new ideas and add to my experience. Photography is a beautiful thing and I love it whether I’m in the proverbial railcar of real estate photography shooting room to room with little variations. I still find that light of adventure while doing it. I think that is really important. I really do.

2020 is a year of true change in the wider scope of things. It seems like every single layer of society has gotten a jolt of reality. Moving to Austin three months before the pandemic was a huge change for me, but it was a change I was ready for at the right time. My camera is the most powerful tool I have because it acts as a metaphysical conduit almost to my creative spirit. I have pursued the life of minimal distraction and a desire to live in the present. To go out and photograph the birds and the squirrels because those are things happening in the now… In closing I’ve had to take in an overwhelming amount of experiences this year and I’m thankful to get to do what I like to do most in a construct that is consistent, reliable, and safe like real estate photography because I care about photography most when I’m leaping across the country with nothing but my camera and a few carry on bags with less of a destination and more a landing zone. I love life and photography.

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