My Music Career?

I am a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and now I want to share my work in music! I’ve shot pics of plenty of musicians in my 7 years behind the camera, but did you know I’ve had aspirations to be on stage myself? Well I didn’t either until I picked up Caustic 3. It was suggested by a friend of mine and I started using it seriously during the summer of 2017!

What is Caustic? Caustic 3 is a little known music programming application much like FL Studio. Making music in Caustic requires no knowledge of classical music composition it started for my by simply tapping on my phone. That’s the difference with Caustic . As an app, it works for any phone and it is unlockable for about 10 bucks. The demo version is pretty generous, allowing any synthesizer or beatbox plugin available to make little chiptunes.

I started Caustic 3 without any knowledge of music composition and played with the app by ear. over 20 songs and 5 years later Caustic 3 is one of the first apps I ever download on new phones. Making music is cathartic of course and this app provides ultimate convenience too. The app does have it’s limitations. For example it can only export in 32 bit wave format and the synths are all 8 bit quality. I love it though because all of the songs come out sounding like NES jingles which is nostalgic for me.

Caustic 3 app overview - YouTube
The beatbox synth in Caustic 3 music maker

Caustic 3 has shown my creativity to me in a powerful way and I’ve excelled at music in my own way because of it. I even livestreamed making a song from scratch in the app. It can be re-watched on the Skills Give Life To Dreams Youtube channel.

So there you have it, I love listening to music and now thanks to this little phone app I have a confidence in my music making skills too. I really feel the unique sound of Caustic is something I jive with (to use a cool guy term) and the possibilities of timbre with these synths are mind-blowing.

Oh and I just made a brand new song from Caustic called “Rising” and my musician name is “Caustic Corey”

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