Announcing My New Documentary “The Clark Jones Story”

I’m working on my second autobiography it’s about my friend Clark Jones. Clark is an academic, musician, DJ and a very talented researcher. Clark has also been living in his truck for 2 years. .

I tend to follow and befriend people going through monumental personal and life changes. This latest film is really inspiring and I’m rounding the corner of sculpting act 2 for it.

The story is about how Clark takes a road trip in hopes of meeting someone across the country but they flake out halfway through the trip. Clark continues anyway and takes a “jump” into a brand new life.

The outcome is he makes some huge changes in his life and becomes a better person. Just thought I’d share something positive about how amazing the filmmaking process can be. This is the type of work that is inexhaustible for me. I could work on it for years.

The Clark Jones Story is set to release January 30th 2022. It will premiere via an online stream and move on to various film festivals.


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