What The Hell Did I Just Watch? The Green Knight Movie Review

Synopsis: King Arthur’s headstrong nephew embarks on a daring quest to confront the Green Knight, a mysterious giant who appears at Camelot. Risking his head, he sets off on an epic adventure to prove himself before his family and court.

This movie is a story about a young man named Gawain (Played by Dev Patel) who happens to be the nephew of a king in a undisclosed Kingdom. The film opens up with a medieval font that is very difficult to read. The film claims to be an Arthurian legend meaning the film relates to tales based on the mythology of y King Arthur. I’ve never actually watched a movie that has these themes and I was weirded out, very intrigued and humored throughout this entire film.

The Poem:

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight is the literature that this movie is based on and according to Wikipedia it was heralded as “one of the greatest Arthurian poems” . The themes of this movie utilize Arthurian themes which include ” Temptation and Testing, Hunting and seduction, Nature and Chivalry, Games, Times and Seasons (2021)

After reading the article on Wikipedia I believe this film really nailed the themes it was going after. But regardless this review is an authentic touch on how I saw the film without the information of the themes it was going after. I will place in parentheses where each theme may be visualized throughout the review

The Green night follows the story of Gawain who confronts a colossal nature esque character called the Green Knight who invades the king’s Chambers with his Knights of the Round Table inside.(nature) This is where the main part of the Story begins the Green Knight propositions a game for the kings strongest knight and lays down one rule.(game) That rule is “any blow done on to him must be returned in one year time. And young Gawain confronts the knight and cuts off his head. This was a great intro to the story though a little blindsided because I didn’t understand the themes.

The special effect of Tshe Green Knight are superb

I left this film confused because pretty much every chapter of Gawain’s quest features just awkward moments. So a year later Gawain sets out to find a green Chapel and receive a return blow from the Green Knight (Chivalry). Some of that includes Garman getting robbed about an hour into his track and he is left tied up in a large Forest with all of his weapons and horse gone. Then he finds a house to stay in and rest after walking through the forest for days. He sleeps there until he’s confronted by a ghost. Yes a ghost, the ghost of a young red haired woman to be exact. This movie follows with moments of confusion and a stitched together-ness of its sequences. I cannot crack the nut of what a talking Fox, a group of giant naked people, a big furry gay man and a violated piece of green fabric band have to do with each other. This story and this movie are one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in awhile.

This movie fell flat, not for its content but for it’s structure. I feel like I watched an enigmatic story emitted by a senile old man. I have no idea what the arc and resolution of this story was supposed to be.

This movie fell flat, not for its content but for it’s structure. I feel like I watched an enigmatic story emitted by a senile old man. I have no idea what the arc and resolution of this story was supposed to be. Gawain was not a better man because of what he went through. He got robbed, and did a side quest for a ghost. He ate poisonous mushrooms and eventually found a place where he was treated well at first and then then got an enchanted cum rag and a kiss on the lips by a big hairy man. He tried to hitch a ride on the back of a giant naked woman. He argued with a fox and then the movie ended before he actually got his head lopped off.

In hindsight, this film had the tones of a high school text book story complimenting a lecture on Arthurian literature. I think the themes from the poem I read about afterward were faithfully reproduced on the big screen in this film. As for the films purpose and existence I cannot fathom how this film was greenlit because it’s audience of Arthurian literature buffs can’t be that big.

Is Arthurian lore supposed to be batshit insane?

One extra note about a technicality in this film – CRICKETS. The only Foley during a significant portion of the film including the post-credit scene is a loop of cricket sounds! It became a running joke in this film. There are quite a few scene where crickets are the loudest sound in the scene. It wouldn’t bother me except the sound is a rather obnoxious loop of crickets mating and it’s not long enough so the repeated sound of the same cricket wav file is just odd. I think the editor was in on it because that loop played as the film went to black.

Popcorn Movie 6/10 bizarre themes, unrelated scenes. The cinematography was amazing and the effects were second to none.

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  1. Well what was that all about feel like I have lost 2 hours of my life


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