The Matrix 4: Resurrections Comes Out December 22nd!

The Matrix is a decade defining movie that captured the minds and hearts of movie goers everywhere because it, quite frankly, blew everyone’s mind! The first film opened in 1999 and it’s premise about the entire world being a fake simulation meant to occupy the human race who is actually enslaved by an alien race. For me personally I didn’t watch all the films until my first year in college.

For me personally I watched Matrix 1, 2, and 3 back to back and that was subjectively the absolute best way to do it I loved every one of the films and the cast was absolutely top-notch. The plot presented a philosophical idea about what is real. I thought the films were incredibly well done and it launched a lot of actors careers. I’m unsure of how famous Keanu Reeves was before this movie but he clearly exploded at the debut of this film.

Anyway, The Matrix 4 is a true nostalgia trip for me and I cannot wait to see it in theaters!

One Reply to “The Matrix 4: Resurrections Comes Out December 22nd!”

  1. That’s a great tip to watch the first 3 together. I haven’t watched any of them


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