Daniel Craig Makes another Iconic Bond Film Great – No Time To Die Review

Synopsis: James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology. (IMDB)

James Bond films are as American as apple pie despite being mostly about English intelligence interplay. However, 007 is one of the truest forms of blockbuster entertainment that has survived many years and many Bonds.

No Time To Die is no different to the formula of shaken not stirred martinis, fast cars, damsels, and international bad guys. This film checks all the boxes of a good Bond film obediently. Daniel Craig’s performance is top notch and the action in this movie is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Bond is absorbed back into his old job after his vacation is cut short by a chance meeting with his old friend who convinces Bond he has to take down that latest supervillain.

An ad for the Bond film around it’s original release date in April of 2020

This film is bigger than ever with it’s expansive locations and vistas from ancient cities in Italy to remote islands in the pacific. Bond’s new mission recaps and ties up loose ends from previous titles such as a meeting with Blofeld the illusive, now captured, leader of the previous film’s enemy organization of the same name “Spectre” .

The Super Villain in No Time To Die is a poison maker looking to attack the entire world

This time around the super villain is a poison dealer with a deadly super weapon destined to threaten the entire planet. Played by Rami Malek, super villain Lyutsifer Safin has an important connection to Bonds love interest and that plays a huge role in Bond’s motivation to fight back. One of the key motifs in this film was the enemy never really dies and Bond’s absence from the intelligence world gave the enemy a few extra steps. Bond quickly recovers from his relaxed and retired life though and, within a few days, Bond jumps back into the fray in Cuba in order to find out who stole a dangerous super weapon from a secret lab. Sound familiar?

This film genuinely presents what a fan of 007 would write about in a script. 007 is just as adamant as ever about saying his name in his specific way and still orders shaken not stirred martinis. There is even an iconic scene of Bond drawing his gun and seemingly shooting the camera down a long hallway surreptitiously shot like the intro clip that has become the quintessential bond film.

This film does take what it thinks a Bond film should be a bit too far at times. In some scenes Daniel Craig seems restrained by the specific dialogue that all is predecessors used in this role before Craig have had to say. There is a palpable layer of dust on the character study of James Bond purely in the name of retaining the tradition. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, however it’s massive set pieces and exciting adventures get even bigger in every installment because the creators of these films are too afraid to change the formula too much.

Despite that, this film is hands-down the most wide ranging emotional film for 007 as the few people he loves are put at stake and old enemies die hard. Daniel Craig does an incredible job alongside co-stars Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek et, al this film is a blockbuster that is a must see in theaters!

Popcorn Movie | Great Action, Iconic Story and Characters | Formulaic, Didn’t take any risks | 7/10

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