The CLE Photography Release Schedule

This year has been very productive for me and the fruits of those labors are coming to fruition. Specifically I’ve spent time building strong relationships with friends and co-workers I trust with the goal of generating great films in the new year. December was the catalyst for that and I want to share everything coming up in one place


File Type Episode 0002

File Type is a part reaction and part absurdist comedy webseries by myself in collaboration with Carlo Barbieri the 3rd. This trailer explains exactly what the concept is and boy is it a good one. The second episode of the ongoing series comes out tomorrow! December 20th

Corey’s Big Picture Show

19,664 Photos taken in 2021

Releases on my professional channel on Christmas Day at 12pm!

Here is the one from 2020 which features about 26k photos. The newer version will replace this one on my main landing page when it comes out

This is a truly fun concept and it allows me to process so many things in my life. Look for an article detailing exactly how I made this completely original video concept happen.

Clark Jones is truly an amazing person. I have known him for a little over a year and being around him was so creatively inspiring that I had to make this documentary about him. Just as I decided to roll on Clark he decided to make one of the biggest decisions of his life that could have killed him. Clark overcamer, persevered there isn’t a word strong enough to describe the mounain he climbed to still be here today! My second documentary to date and Clark’s incredible story will get told. The Clark Jones Story premieres the first week of January 2022!

Day 1 of Kraft Minded – The documentary about overcoming obstacles made for people with disabilities in the film industry

This film is hot off the SD card we shot day 1 yesterday and I got a great opportunity to operate the camera and earn a DP credit. This crew is truly amazing and my friends are also featured in this film too!

Directed by: Francois Larosa

DP: Corey Lehman (myself)

Featuring Carlo Barbieri III and Blake Kraft who both are amazing people in their own right. This film highlights what it takes to overcome obstacles that others don’t have or have never seen before.

Kraft Minded is slated to come out in February depending on when post-production starts!

Caustic and my new music video and animation goals:

Announcing right now: The Information war Music Video has crew tapped and ready to animate a conceptualized and storyboarded MUSIC VIDEO for one of my songs! Production is set to start in February and release in May or June along with the upgraded version of the song “Information War” created on my phone!

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