My E-Life In Views ( The Language Of The Internet)

My Gallery:

Deviantart is an amazing gallery with a high magnification on artists of all kinds. I am really active on this site and it’s users reciprocate appreciation. I highly recommend this site as a gallery host
File:YouTube full-color icon (2017).svg - Wikimedia Commons
My professional channel – hasn’t been overly active however I do send link to it for potential job opportunities
My vlog/experimental channel – Corey Lehman Enterprises is my host channel for pilot episodes, vlogs, funny clips and adorable videos of my wonderful girlfriend Cyndee. That spike at the end is because I posted a short for the first time which exploded in views.
Vidyagames Network – My gaming channel paired with my page and group over on Facebook. This project is my baby I have put everything I learn about online marketing into this project. I have a lot of opportunities paired with this project which don’t show any sign of slowing down!
I started a podcast because who hasn’t! It’s called The Industry Podcast which focuses on interviewing people who work in all positions of the film industry!

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My gaming page
File:WordPress blue logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
And now to get really META this is the view count for 2021 for the website you are looking at right now

I posted 10 less articles over 2020 and got slightly more views which is statistical proof I improved as a writer and marketer! It’s nice to know that sometimes!

I make films, take photos, and manage a few channels on YouTube and Facebook. I know I have a few other noteworthy accounts online however I don’t care to remember the passwords. Anyways, if you are 25 or under then these stats are pretty much the entirety of what you look at to measure the character of another incomprehensibly complex human being, which is annoying and stupid but I’ve learned a lot of wisdom as a 27 year old man on the internet – The world is run by 19 year olds. So here is my admission ticket to earning a follow or smashing that like button or whatever. Let’s collab on fleek bros.

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