I’m a Capricorn

If you happened to be born between approximately Dec. 21 and Jan. 19, then you’re a Capricorn, which means you’re a natural leader who’s responsible and reliable. However, beneath a Capricorn’s successful exterior lurks the potential to be an overly-serious and failure-phobic workaholic

As the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns excel when it comes to building out plans, crushing goals, and securing the bag. At the same time, these qualities can also manifest as them being power-hungry, materialistic, or overly-authoritarian. But we’re not trying to roast our darling Caps — after all, every zodiac sign has its corresponding strengths and weaknesses, and none are any better or worse off for it.

I am the best photographer ever kneel before my flower and bee pictures! :p

This horoscope thing doesn’t mention the philosophy of absurdism and fun of comedy as outlets for capricorns.

I love making funny things but I do and have made itineraries for fun plans. It’s useful!
Overall I don’t think this article gets anywhere close to the incomprehensible complexity of a human being.
Nothing does except drugs, but “drugs are so good they will ruin your life.” -Comedian Louie C.K

Kidding aside. The “you will worry about money” fortune quote is relevant to all humans 24/7 because consumerism/capitalism

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