Everything Everywhere All At Once Blasts The Doors Off Contemporary Cinema


An aging Chinese immigrant is swept up in an insane adventure, where she alone can save the world by exploring other universes connecting with the lives she could have led. (IMDB)

Every once in a great while a truly great Cinema experience comes along and just captivates the audience in a brand new way. Films like everything everywhere all at once have a unique way of showing up at a time when Cinema falters and spins around gobbles itself hole in hopes of finding that special something that original Cinema gave us which is why so many films are getting reboots and rehashes and unnecessary sequels. That won X Factor it comes with watching a film in an audience and the unspoken Collective thinking within the audience of ” this experience feels completely new”.

In the interest of time all abbreviate the movie as EEE.

EEE is a cinematic take on family values and what it’s like to be a 1st or second generation immigrant in a new country. On the surface the characters in The First Act are a tight-knit three-generation family all coming together for a party at the couple’s low rent laundromat. And their daughter has acclimated understandably much more comfortably to the new customs and Norms of the new country that they are in presumably the United States. The couple endures a grueling audit process for the IRS and show up at the IRS office to explain their situation.

Ok… The following scenes for the next 3 hours or so of this film are some of the wackiest wittiest funniest and jaw-dropping and most of all creative moments I’ve seen in all of cinema I’ve ever seen. The second half of the first act setup a timeline where multiple dimensions exist and the main character is introduced to an alternate version of her husband abruptly and he gives her instructions on what to do to enter Another Universe.

There is nothing else like seeing this movie in theaters without giving away too much I’m just going to say without context my favorite things about this movie hot dog hands, talking rocks, a hilarious Ratatouille reference, a bagel but not just any bagel the everything bagel.

10/10 | Deep Cinema | GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


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