My Friends Are Natural Teachers

Francois Larosa. Teaches classes about distributing your film and how to get into the industry

Elyes Baccar. Teaches acting to youth kids including directing and screenwriting

CJ Bills can teach a lot about how to color correct in post
And how to shoot music videos

Carlo J Barbieri III teaches film history and wants to do highly detailed directing classes.

Now my new friend Mitch Martinez is interested in providing a video on cinematography.

Back home my mentor Malcolm taught me how to be a great person and role model for others. He provided a model of how to run a business and work hard at it

I’m grateful to have natural teachers surrounding me in life!


1 thought on “My Friends Are Natural Teachers

  1. MALCOLM MACAULAY April 16, 2022 — 10:49 am

    Keep plugging and looking around my friend. Very proud of you and how you treat the world.

    Malcolm Macaulay


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