Eeyore’s Birthday Party 57th anniversary Is An Austin Gem

Walking into Pease District park on the last day in April is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my time in Austin. Austin is known as a place where hippies and free spirits can go and be free. Eeyore’s Birthday is an awesome fundraising event for causes such as Research for Breast cancer, Animal originations and the Worker’s Defense project. The festivities involved are a wonderful Austin cultural original.

This year was my first time going and I the only thing I didn’t like is it ended too soon! Austin culture revolves closely around being free and open minded to anything to welcome and celebrate unity with everybody. Austin folks do this by dressing up in bright colors and psychedelic clothes some brought beautiful costumes and dressed up in stilts. The event felt like the carnival from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Or at least narrated by Johnny Depp!

Really what I got out of this event was a true insight into the spirit of Austin and the positive vibes at a gathering like this can generate!


When I heard about Eeyore’s Birthday party it was described to me “Eeyore’s Birthday is where a bunch of people come out and drop LSD and nobody is wearing clothes and it’s a great time”

Most of that was true however my mind posed a question immediately which was how does an event like that fare in the time of social media?

The short answer is social media and phone use had nothing on this event. Eeyore’s Bday had the energy and fun atmosphere of a music festival but not one person had their phone out in any significant way. That is a stark change from other festivals where everybody is essentially filming the entire concert. Anyway here are the best shots from my day at Eeyore’s bday!

Here is my gallery:


1 thought on “Eeyore’s Birthday Party 57th anniversary Is An Austin Gem

  1. Thadius Quest May 2, 2022 — 1:05 am

    It was awesome running!

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