My Kickstarter Campaign Didn’t Go Well.

I learned so much about what is needed for a successful funding campaign! I launched it on April 29th and finished on May 29th hoping to garner just $2,000 in funds to pay my animation team for their work on our music video. I managed to build enough buzz to gain a little over $200 from friends and family. 

I made 6 updates total over 30 days showing hopefully the people on my site that I was working actively to make this adventure happen!

The reason I wanted, and still need, funding is because the payments I negotiated with my team are deferred up to 1 year for full payment and I want to pay them sooner!

What was missing: 

Networking in person

– I worked really hard assembling the campaign at the start and did a standard email blast to launch the campaign, but I mostly missed out on telling people in person or putting myself in social environments where asking for funding was appropriate. This next campaign I will push a lot harder to get to know new people and tell them about this project first hand! 


Like I mentioned in the last note I did not push the campaign hard enough or plan aggressively enough and making consistent posts everywhere just didn’t happen. I aim to change that with this next campaign! 

I have to be grateful for the things that worked I am beyond happy to have met new people on filmmaker friendly sites like Stage32 and Reddit.

I want to finish the post on a good note and say rest assured the animated music video for the song ” Information War” which is an AWESOME EDM dance tune I composed will still get animated and my company Cinemascope animations is set to launch in September! So rest assured my song is mixed and mastered and sounds amazing and the video will both go out on You tube and my website If you made it to the end of this post pat your self on the back because you are so appreciated and I can’t wait to show you what we are working on!!!!

“Information War” Song & Video Releasing in September!

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