Parkway Drive’s “Darker Still” Is Better Than Slipknot’s “The End So Far”

Parkway Drive’s ” Darker Still” is a better album than Slipknots’ brand new “The End So Far” record. Both are amazing records but Darker still is more versatile, poetic and jammable. Slipknot gleefully puts their early sounds of a distorted DJ scratch back into listener’s ears that remind one of People = Shit and other songs at the cost of sounding a bit stale. Don’t get me wrong Slipknot is an incredible arena selling metal band and their record will hit out of the park just fine. I personally don’t feel like I can vibe with Taylor’s rants about how it’s stupid that everybody “Buys Brand new” of course I buy brand new ya weirdo.

Both records include softer and kinder parts in their recordings. Slipknot with their music box giving an amusing haunted toy store vibe.

A Screengrab from Slipknot’s video “Yen”

Drive’s low-passed piano interludes add to their singer only lyrics and compliment their high energy sing along lyrics and their blend of chunky rock sections. Drive’s album is a real achievement!

Overall Parkway Drive made themselves known on my radar of great bands touring this year and into next Spring. On top of that Lamb of God put out their record in August and I just saw promos for Devil-Driver. All of these bands are going to be unmissable. This is going to be a great year for rock n roll!

Favorite Darker Still song: Land Of The Lost & Darker Still Title Track

Favorite The End So Far song: Hive Mind & The Dying Song

Reviewing Next: Machine Head, and Devil Driver?

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