Florida Films | Kill The Coyote Man | Eric Aven Releases An Excellent Creature Short On Halloween

Eric Aven is a personal friend of mine. I met him through his work, during 2020 when we were all locked inside Eric was creating a masterpiece in my eyes. “Covid Falls” an excellent sci-fi action romp displaying a masterful balance of action, commentary on current events, and dialed to 11 campiness that excited me and impressed me all at once. Namely rotoscoping contextual scenes of Jean Claude Van Dam into the film as the main characters partner. That film catapulted that project from I love this to ” I got to know who did this!”. Since then I’ve become friends with Eric and followed his growth as a creative powerhouse. His talents go further than just filmmaking. He also does his own music, animation and live performances.

For Halloween this year Eric posted a teaser about a new “treat” coming out yesterday, and today he delivered. What we got is his new short “Kill The Coyote Man”. Kill The Coyote man is a stoic creature horror short that shows just how much a person with lots of talent can do in 8 minutes of runtime. Each scene is built well to tell the story of two partners going out to hunt a Coyote which is essentially a werewolf. Featured improvements in Eric’s handiwork is the use of entirely CGI creatures that are also animated. Some of this type of work was in Covid Falls. Though this film shows a noticeable improvement and ambition to feature all CGI scenery as substance to the plot.

Eric’s signature oddities are alive and well in this scene revealing the Coyote man carrying a lantern into a modern furnished house with all the lights on. I love it so much.

Overall Eric is definitely a breakout director who is worth following and seeing where the film industry takes him!

Kill The Coyote Man | Fantastic use of the limited time in a short | Great stylized scenes reminiscent of Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas But peppered with an subjective flair that’s like a fingerprint from Eric | New full CGI scenery

You can watch Kill The Coyote Man right now on YouTube

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