Book Reviews | Francois Larosa Shortens and Sharpens A Payack Story About M.K-Ultra

Children Of The Mind – An extended metafiction, by Paul Payack & Francois Larosa

Paul Payack
Francois Larosa

Francois has many creative talents, most residing in the entertainment industry Francois has succeeded in acting, directing, and writing for many years and now publishing his – book. Children Of The MInd.

This sci-fi thriller is a snippet of a greater fascination in American society, which is the CIA and the uncovering of their wild experiments. MKUltra is one of those famed conspiracies now supported enough by evidence and now this book which explores what it would be like to uncover a CIA experiment first hand. MKUltra in short was a CIA secret plan executed in the 50’s to explore human mind control. Far out right? Was this infamous program real? There is definitely a general consensus that it was in fact a real program.

Children of the mind is a 1st person depiction of discovering one of the “labs” where children were experimented on. Combined with real photos of “Camp Hero” in Montauk. Clad with antennas and secret manholes to underground bunkers. The story Francis has weaved is an intriguing one and compels the reader to do some googling of their own to find out what really happened.

Outside of a twist at the end this book reads like an afternoon snack of a slender 80 pages. The formatting of the pages are kind of odd as the paragraphs are much smaller than their pages leaving lots of empty space on an average of 2-3 sentences on each page. Short story is even a too long descriptor. Though speaking to the talent of Francois, and I know him personally! Francois likes to use every minute he gets in film and utilize every page he can to tell his story. I think he succeeded with this project!

Great story and tie-in of real world events | LIttle debbie snack short | Fun twist at the end!


You can order “Children Of The Mind – An Extended Metafiction” by Paul J.J. Payack & Francois Larosa on Amazon right now!

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