Reflecting On Another Crowdfund Campaign

My friends, my second crowdfund campaign ever is coming to a close. I’ve once again learned so so much about pushing such a campaign. Let’s compare my experiences so far:


On kickstarter I asked for about $1000 and I took a fairly reckless approach. This being my first campaign ever, I tried to put together as many assets as I could. I used social media to push the campaign only a few times. Kickstarter rules are also a lot more difficult for first time campaign makers. I learned a lot and what to be prepares for the next time I campaigned again.

Duration 30 days

Goal: $1200

Money raised: $0 didi not reach goal

Indie gogo – From the start, Indie gogo was a site that I’d chosen to 1. Get any money I raised even If I didn’t make it and 2. Be a lot more prepared for. This time I prepped perk rewards, opted for 60 days instead of 30, invested time and money into a logo, a jingle for a video logo version and spent tine editing 2 promotional videos. Fivcer is a great resource for that! When the campaign started I shared everything and the extra assets I had had helped a lot because the logo and promo video gave legitimacy to the campaign!

I also staggered my second promotional video and published it when the Facebook page was finished. I had colored stills of the project and used those to share with every post to grab a little more attention. 

Duration: 60 days

Goal: $2500

$ raised $854

I am poised to keep the fire going under Cinemascope Animations I’ve had the most amazing experience so far managing something that I can truly dive into. 

Anyway thanks for letting me ramble. Cinemascope Animations launches next year!!!

As of this writing there is still time to donate. Visit

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