Irreverent Filmmaking Does A Line Of 2023 – Cocaine Bear Review

Synopsis: An oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists and teens converge on a Georgia forest where a huge black bear goes on a murderous rampage after unintentionally ingesting cocaine. (IMDB)

Is that a Sharknado? NO! It’s a cocaine bear. Irreverent films with varying helpings of parody some more campy and others are tounge-in-cheek humorous entertainment.

Cocaine bear falls into the former category as a sloppy fun-to-say-title. Don’t ask PETA what they thing of this film just go in and expect some fun and adventurous humor with not much plot!

Cocaine Bear! Delivers exactly as much fun as I’d expect from a title like that. It’s a fun watch and some of the humor is great. The film definitely delves into Horror-comedy style scenery so expect lot’s of gore with your hammy jokes.

The cast in this flick come into their own briefly before getting killed off. The film does an admirable job of balancing creature-feature vibes of suspense with the bear lurking and chasing Ranger Liz’s crush Peter played by (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) up trees and through caves, with the foolery of scared humans clumsily trying to kill off the bear and instead hurt themselves or others in the process.

The plot loosely McGuffins millions of dollars of cocaine bricks dropped over a dense forest. Some kids find the bricks first, then the park ranger Ranger Liz played by (Margo Martindale) is my favorite character. Her cruelness is baked in a sense of inferiority being placed in a regular state park and getting snubbed on bigger park rangers opportunities. ” I could’ve been at Yellowstone by now!”. (Margo Martindale) is a lot of fun in this film!

Moments like this really make this film that much more fun

Cocaine bear is in this film enough to bring a smile to one’s face, the 500 pound creature viciously chases the dragon throughout this flick and ultimately has a good ending I liked it.

So overall there is not much more to say to this film other than- It’s a popcorn movie and COCAINE BEAR!

Popcorn Film | Great fun and irreverence | 7/10

R.I.P Ray Liotta

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