March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day – Dublin, Ireland in 18 Photos.

St. Patrick’s Day. Dublin, Ireland. I love the fact that I could live and experience the green holiday in the place where it all began. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend watching the parade and exploring the festivities in the city! Here is the gallery of all my best shots from St. Patty’s Day!

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The Parade

st patrick's day 2023

Dublin, Ireland’s parade was second to none! The combination of strange creatures and nature themed floats with the standard marching band aesthetics was awesome!

My top 3 images

parade goers - st patrick's day 2023
Anti-alien protesters of the intergalactic variety. I love the humor of the Irish people!
st patrick's day 2023 - parade - The Ambassador Theater
Junk Shark DJ. Need I say more?
st patrick's day 2023
This Nature float is beautiful!

The People

Reflection of a Ferris Wheel in an old buildiing

Overall St. Patrick’s day parade was a resounding success and all spectators from Ireland and abroad including myself had a proper good time!


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