Francois Larosa Announces New Graphic Art Book At SXSW 2023 – “Horror 1.0”

Celebrated artist and director Francois Larosa best known for his stunning repertoire of feature films which are majority horror films, has announced his first ever art book titled “Horror 1.0”. The book depicts fascinating designs and drawings that are darker in nature such as The Mummy. Francois explains his process of creating the 20+ designs depicted in the book by utilizing both digital and handmade methods. Here is the scoop:

Francois Larosa - Book - New Book - SXSW 2023 - Horror 1.0

Francois has been in the film industry for 20 years among his many accolades of being a critically acclaimed actor, writer and director, Larosa has also offered his hand in creating storyboards. Beginning with stick figures of course and moving on to professional creative work for major film studios.

Francois leads his latest book “Children of the Mind” which is a homage rewrite of Paul Payacks espionage novel eluding to Mk-ultra and area 51. Larosa reimagined the thickly written novel and cut it down to size, gave the story the “Larosa Treatment” and released it last year. This year Francois is going back to his horror roots with “Horror 1.0″ A graphic art book Larosa describes the new book as a ” Depiction of what is unseen and a stylized conjuring of dark figures mixed with recognizable icons. “

  • Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein Title

Overall if you’re a horror fan definitely check out some of Larosa’s films and get his latest book when it comes out! The release window as of this writing is April –

Hey you got to the end of the article!! Take a look at Francois’ film discography while you’re at it!


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