RED Drops Flagship Line Of Cameras To Focus On Kindergarten Demographic. April Fools Joke*

“I’m soooo done with listening to camera bros” Red CEO Chuck Pixel said in a press conference today. Pixel intends to focus on kids toy versions of the cinema camera model”I think the pre-K demo is an untouched market and that’s why today I’m announcing the immediate halt on all RED camera models aimed towards the cinema industry.

Red replaced their website with a new image of an assumed new camera model. No specs have been announced yet.

“This button goes beep beep and this one goes toot toot” Pixel also said aside the new camera image in a tweet later Friday evening.

Red has taken chances before and failed. A few years ago when the RED phone was announced to warm reactions and a short lived production window. This time RED may be on to something.

The new camera mode is estimated to retail for just under $848,382,937.62.


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