Minnesota Had A Good Day At The Boston Marathon – Photo series

The 127th Boston Marathon kicked off yesterday with lots of energy and festivities. Spectators lined the streets of all 26.2 miles beginning in Hopkinson. The worlds top runners were in attendance as well as other divisions. Including wheelchair racers, and hand-cyclists.

It’s an interesting feeling to see a world record holder like Eliud Kipchoge go jogging by at the 13 mile mark looking focused and making it look easy!

Runners from all over the world descended on Boston. From every part of the world in every division. Wheelchair racers from the Netherlands. And world record holders from Kenya.

Edward Mulder (left) and and unknown Wheelchair racer (right)

Minnesotans also got their time in the limelight. Runners Dakotah Lindwurm & Annie FrisbIe were among the contestants.

Dakotah had an excellent run with a race time of 2:33:53 and she looked relaxed and and partially smiling at the 13 mile mark. Bostonians have said that they can’t go 26.2 miles in that time while in their car! Frisbie finished in 2:28:45

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