Francois Larosa Revisits His Greatest Strength – Gritty Horror Narratives Loosely Based On True Stories.

Packed with excellent dialogue and an exposition that sets a tone of total suspense. Francois Larosa delivers a jaw-dropping and horrifying exposé of the evils of corporate greed tied to infant babies.

Francois is on a horror streak this year beginning 2023 with a visual novel of drawings torn from dark themes that Poe would be proud of titled “Horror 1.0“. Larosa has put his mettle to the test once again with a story that follows two teenaged lovers names Jennifer and Ricardo they are interested in each other in that way and the topic of sex comes up after a mysterious woman visits their classroom and discusses sex. The pair discuss their future on phone calls after school and undergo a mostly standard environment of high school life. Jennifer listens to Taylor Swift when she isn’t laying around talking to Ricardo. Her boyfriend is tasked with playing basketball with some friends. They discuss sex with their girlfriends and Ricardo is pressured by all the guy talk.

When the moment comes, the teen couple make their move to be together without their parents knowing. And they do so without any protection. And their moment of ecstasy ends very quickly fearing being caught they get dressed as quickly as they can.

Larosa writes this horror novel somewhat in the vein of a first chapter of a King novel. The atmosphere from page to page has a Pleasantville vibe to it. Like something is lurking under the white picket fences of teenage life in a world where human fetuses are a commodity. Larosa’s talent for underwriting narrative stories around terrifying real world topics prevails in this book. Length wise this book is barely a lunchtime snack at just 52 pages and this story is the second publication Larosa has finished this year both books going full tilt into the most horrific and darkest of themes.

Overall this book was a fun read because the dialogue was excellently written. The world building comes and goes quick and the story is over before you know it. The only criticism I’d have to mention is the end of the book when a man named Spector is introduced as a buyer of human fetuses. His dialogue breaks the forth wall and sort of talks directly at you and it breaks the scenery a little bit. Besides that this book is like a goosebumps story – short sweet and makes your neck hair stand up!


Angel Beast is available on line today:

The Physical versions of Angel/Beast will release May 5th 2023

Author of novel Angel/Beast

Francois is an author in Austin, Texas.


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