Inspiring, And Wholesome. The Amazing Legacy of Blake Kraft in Texas.

Blake is a SUPERSTAR in the Texas Film Community

His latest appearance is on Zondra TV

Watch here:

There is no-one like Blake Kraft

Blake is one of my favorite people and filmmakers I’ve ever met. He’s overcome so much as a person with Asbergers otherwise know as Autism. I met Blake through his writing. Blake posted in an online filmmakers group asking for help moving and his positive energy showed out through his words. So much so I had to meet Blake as soon as I got the chance. We even made a video the same day I met Blake called “Blake’s Move-in Day”. Since then I’ve hung out with Blake many times as we both explored Austin, Texas we’ve explored cave attractions, hiking trails, and even worked in tandem on a few short film sets. Our friendship capped off with making a podcast called “The Industry” podcast.

Blake is the most reliable person I’ve ever met

Being in the film world can be difficult. But not for Blake! It’s hard to put into words how the subtle ups and downs of life and relational give and takes of filmmaking relationships can be. Building relationships with directors, actors and freelance camera guys is incredibly taxing to keep up. Maybe all the posturing and poli-ticking is imaginary and I’m without a doubt guilty of it as well as the rest of the filmmaking world is. But Blake is like a social bulldozer of bottomless positivity. His approach to asking for opportunities compared to myself is wildly different. In that, Blake simply asks! I know it sounds incredibly simple but Blake simply reaches out to people no-matter how high up they are. And ASKS to take part on their films. And his effect is contagious! Sometimes Blake’s blunt approach to socializing accidentally outs repulsive people! Some folks brag about how they leave Blake on “read” or say things about him and that BROADCASTS to everyone else who is worth their salt that those people are like skippable ads!

On the positive, Blake is a daisy chain for work. Blake got in with a podcast studio and invited me! I had one of the most valuable experiences working with an art/podcast studio called Paradox Productions. The same went for a few short films and introduction to some absolutely amazing people. Because people who meet Blake and are enamored by his rapport and they connect with each other drastically easier!

Blake, objectively is the most time-oriented person I’ve ever met. Maybe it’s the company I keep or kept. But the circles I’ve dabbled in were stricken with bad scheduling. Blake was my co-host on a podcast I produced and showed up every single time without issue. What a guy!

I’ll link past content that Blake and I have done, including an award winning documentary!

The Industry Podcast:

A unique 20 episode podcast series with Blake as my co-host

Kraft Minded

Produced by THE Francois Larosa. Winner of the San Antonio Film Festival

Move-in Day With Blake Kraft

Also Inspired by Blake Kraft

We Made A Sequel!

Inspired by Blake Kraft

Oh And I Was The Kool-Aid Man!

Blake helped set this up and shot it
Here is one of Blake’s vlogs

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