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CLE Photography

I am a proud owner of a medium format DSLR camera and have been for 6 months now. Here is my latest photo:


So I have a lot to share in my photography adventures since I last shared some insights. I’ve travelled to Dublin again and to the Philippines. The latter was a life altering experience because of the culture shock and seeing a fully removed world away from mine. The people and the environment was like nothing else and the peace and energy there was a complete inversion of the USA. Meaning that the objective of peace and a slower and easier way of life was central to the native people that live there. I don’t feel that in the states.

A Content Bloom

Since coming back from vacation and taking inventory on myself of what and who I am as a person. Heavy structure-supporting pillars of my life were intensely tested and inspected while outside of the US. The whole experience could easily be described as a thorough out-of-body experience. Things that I though mattered and didn’t matter were mixed up a lot. So as I acted as someone living on the eastern side of the planet, a new version of myself grew. I anticipated the opportunity to find a crack in the routine of my life and allow that chasm to be a fertile ground for new things. Now that I’m back, I returned in March. Many of the regular things I did felt small. Like I was wasting my time a bit just by doing too much. But I used that uncomfortableness to change my habits. I picked up a full time job, I started to adhere to a different type of routine to focus exclusively on commuting to and from work. And as a photographer and freelance worker for all of my adult life. Changing to a full time job is like a mental earthquake. My ears and eyes are no longer observing how to hustle and find new opportunities and stay topped up on all the research in my field. Instead I allowed a small section of my life to become automated. Work and income are now supported by another entity. With the leave of my freedom of time, A little pride went away with that because I no longer have to manage every single step of my business. I can let off a little pressure and look at different things that may have fallen on the backburner because gaining that constant income was always a priority.

Anyway I say all that to share that I am shifting to a part-reflective state in my photography business. Meaning I am going to start curating the thousands of photos I’ve taken over the last 10 years and start putting on art galleries, writing more articles about the art of photography, and maybe print and sell an art book or two!

The Gallery In June

So I have an announcement! Coming in June, I will be putting on a brand new show titled:

East & West” the things that unite us. Photo gallery of life in Ireland, The Phillipines and beyond

This gallery is the culmination of months travelling abroad. Capturing and documenting life of the people in Ireland and the Philippines. One through line kept appearing in my mind as I existed in these countries. That was that people all over the world want only a few simple things and they can be contented. That is food, community, and a vibrant sense of culture. St. Patrick’s day in Dublin Ireland, The Philippines during a family members birthday and day trip to a resort, adventuring in the hills by motorcycle, of course the Philippines in my experience was more significant because I was the one in which the community around me could express their pride in their culture to. I was the one who was asking the questions and bringing out the pride of Filipino culture and the love of learning and sharing is another key piece of gaining a contented lifestyle. Expressing oneself as an individual and countrymen to fellow humans is a fulfilling experience throughout the entire world.

Monologues from an experience photographer

One of the other content blooms I’ve been kicking around in my head is to share the experience of photography in different climates, biomes, and methods to other photographers and write critically about exactly how to shoot in other places. For example how to shoot in Ireland where the cloud cover and bright sun makes for a constantly changing scene and how to adapt to that to get great shots every time the shutter is pressed.

Location insights and ideas so far: Minnesota/winter, Austin Texas/Bright sunny, Ireland/constantly changing lighting environments and of course the Philippines.

A big fat facelift.

I am in the process of looking at a new theme for this site hopefully soon I’ll have updates on that.

See you in June!

So that is all I have to share. My last gallery I held online in tandem with the in-person gallery. I may do that again once my photos for the show are curated properly. CIAO!


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