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Business Professional Photos from $125/hr

Wedding Memories captured perfectly from $250/day flat rate!
Graduation Photos and other achievements memorialized for you! $175/hr
Premium custom portraiture that lasts! $125/hr

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Corey Lehman has become evermore passionate about photography for the past 7+ years. He continues to accelerate his skills through taking photos often. With over 16k photos taken in 2019 alone!

Corey Lehman specailizes in effective communication and is committed to vendor – client relationships

Corey is a self proclaimed Creative Powerhouse. Selling pen & pencil abstract drawings, Photo prints and photography services for over 7 years!

Corey has gained critical acclaim from International author David Taylor. Won awards at the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival for his musician photography! Corey has guest spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Superior – and continues to explore the public speaking atmosphere!

Corey is a natural problem solver and lighting fast at assessing issues with technology. He loves to talk about powerful new projects and creative goals with anyone.

In his free time, Corey loves to watch movies the old-fashioned way – at the movie theater.

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