A happy customer! Jeffery Zales

Corey Lehman photography, wow…, what can I say? I’ve been acting / modeling for over 20 years now, off and on. I recently moved back to Austin and wanted to throw my hat back into the ring. I’m not the same face that I was so I knew that I needed a professional. I crossed paths with Corey and he explained to me his craft. Now, coming from NYC, LA, I’ve had my fair share of photo shoots, and I’ve seen horrible and amazing. It’s very costly too, make no mistake. I decided to work with Corey at his studio downtown Austin to see if he is the real deal. I couldn’t be happier. First of all, he’s extremely easy to work with. You communicate with him and he you, and the rest just happens. Secondly, his professionalism is very comforting. Again, I’ve had the experience where the photographer is all about the money. Corey takes pride in his work, he’ll work pricing out with you. It’s funny, back in my day everything was to be printed, today of course everything is digitally transmitted. I mentioned to him that I had some frames printed up for auditions that I was venturing (old school), and replied back that they came out perfect and call backs ensued. I highly recommend CLE Photography. Reach out to him, and he will definitely show you your good side.


Jeffrey Zales