Laura Loves Her New Wall Art!

Laura came to me wanting a new piece for her house. Of course being a resident and lover of Duluth, MN like me I was happy to oblige! I set Laura up with my best photo I’ve ever taken of Duluth’s iconic harbor on an even more iconic day that emphasizes the greatest lake’s miraculous sunsets!

Thank you Laura for believing in my work and buying a print!

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I really appreciate the canvas print that I ordered. Corey captured the look and feel of Duluth, MN’s downtown pier perfectly with the coper glow of sunset. The tone matches my sunset orange walls nicely, and the image will always remind me of home. Corey was also very helpful when it came to ordering the print and getting what I wanted. I’m very pleased!

Take a look at the CLE Photography gallery here:

Like a photo? Tell me about it! I am happy to deliver a print to you in the exact size and medium you’d like!